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Committed to My Community

I have lived in the ECCS area for over 30 years with my wife while raising five children.. When we moved almost 15 years ago, we knew we didn't want to leave this wonderful district, so our children have only known our great schools.. Having coached many teams in multiple sports over a number of years, I gained a strong connection to the community and wanted to do more. Through discussions with school board members, administrators and teachers,  I was persuaded that work on a school board was the best way to serve your community. That journey began almost 12 years ago and while working through good times and bad, it has been some of the most fulfilling work of my life.


This was the headline in the Chanhassen Villager after I was first elected to the school board. The answer is not complicated. I love raising my kids in this community and I have found great joy in coaching my kids along with hundreds of other children to help them realize their potential and appreciate being a part of a team. I also come from a small town and a small school (graduating class of 32 students), so I love our small communities and our smaller high schools as they provide so many more opportunities for connection and growth.

My career has revolved around many roles involving finance and strategy which has given me a deep foundation for analyzing and assessing successful companies. While school finance is notably different, my experience has provided me with critical tools that have allowed me to offer valuable input during budget discussions. As an executive and advisor to company leaders, I understand how to identify indicators of success, ask key questions and drive effective discussions on strategies. 

I have been fortunate to serve three terms on the Eastern Carver County School Board. I have seen good times (innovation, graduation rates, referendums) and bad (Empower, test score declines, failed referendums). Educating children is challenging work that requires experience and dedication. I have worked hard to build a positive relationship with the largest group that does this work for our community, teachers. As we balance the needs and resources of the taxpayers with providing our employee groups competitive compensation, it is important that this relationship be constructive and I am proud that they recognize this relationship with their endorsement of my candidacy.


Going forward, I hope to apply all of my work and school board experience for one final term to leave ECCS on the right track. Thank you for your interest and support!

Who Is Tim Klein?

Hint: I don't want your money

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